Posted on 03-Dec-2020

Krishna Ayurveda Massage Centre

Indian Head Massage

03-Dec-2020 – 04-Dec-2020
A head massage isn't really considerd superior especially when compared to other forms of massages. However, it has a lot of benefits when done casually with fingertips or even by a professional.

Head massage impoves blood flow to the brain thus helping your mind calm down and relax. This helps with multiple ailments like migraines, high blood pressure, insomnia, stress and anxiety.

With the the right technique, head massage also helps promote hair growth.

How to massage your scalp?
- Traditional massage using your fingertips with light to medium pressue
- Massage your head in circual motions with shampoo while washing your hair
- Use electric brushes or scalp massagers or tools recommended by a dermatologist
- Make use of essentail oils to massage your scalp
Valid 03-Dec-2020 – 04-Dec-2020
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